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C R E D I S O L® Subcutaneous Immunotherapy - Treatment Set and Maintenance Set

In the last 40 years SCIT has become clinicians’preferred option for allergy management. The consequences of the profound immunomodulatory effect of SCIT are well known. For instance, it is well known that injection immunotherapy maintains its beneficial effects for years after discontinuation. Another additional effect is the prevention of the onset of new sensitizations, as reported in two large retrospective studies. Finally, the most intriguing effect of SCIT is the capability of interfering with the natural course of the disease, in the prevention of the onset of asthma in patients with allergic rhinitis.


Subcutaneous Immunotherapy is the most widely used method in allergy treatment. This involves administering subcutaneous allergen injections that are customized to the requirement of the patient prescription.


C R E D I S O L® Immunotherapy sets are manufactured per prescription specific to the patient. Each prescription is dispensed to exact specifications. C R E D I S O L® Aqueous Allergen Extracts ensure better treatment in allergic rhinitis, allergic bronchial asthma and other allergic reactions to specific environmental allergens such as pollen, dust, mites, fungal spores, insect stings, etc. Terminal testing procedures are followed which require a 14 day sterility testing protocol.

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